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Mediation is an alternative to litigation as a way to resolve and finalize contested issues in family law cases. In mediation, a neutral third party trained in the process of mediation and experienced in family law, facilitates communication between the parties, assisting them to focus on the real issues of their dispute and generate options for settlement. As an alternate dispute resolution, mediation can reduce the costs of litigation, allow the parties to take responsibility to resolve their disputes in a more creative way that suits their family situation.

Our attorneys at Cothrun & Lucido have represented their clients in mediation effectively by being prepared with all the information necessary to resolve the case. Strategic planning and preparation with clients and the collection of appropriate documents are essential in the proper representation of the client in mediation. Clients can be assured the lawyers at our firm will be prepared to serve their interests in mediation.

In addition, Sherri Cothrun is a certified mediator devoting a substantial part of her practice to assisting lawyers and their clients to resolve their court cases through mediation. Ms. Cothrun has mediated nearly 1000 cases in her career and continues to gain greater expertise in negotiation and communication skills so she may provide the best possible service as a mediator.

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